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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Wilderness Medical School

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"I came upon a motorcycle accident with 3 injured people.
I was able to preserve their lives because of my SOLO training."
- 2-day course graduate Jacquie W.

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Photo: students proudly display their accomplishments in improving leg splints

LEARN how to



in an:

  • urban disaster (natural or terrorist)

  • rural area (not near a hospital)

  • travel anywhere

  • wilderness area




One of our planet's most in-depth, intellectually-stimulating, hands-on 2-day first aid courses, empowering graduates with care-giving Competence and Confidence to save life and limb during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance/hospital arrival.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


Students assess injuries and care for patients in the snow

When + Where Jan. - May 2018:

  • Jan.  6 - 7 ... Charlottesville, VA*

  • Jan. 13-14 ... Norfolk, VA* + Washington, DC

  • Jan. 27-28 ... Chattanooga, TN + Harrisonburg, VA*

  • Feb.  3 - 4 ... Nashville, TN

  • Feb. 17-18 ... Richmond, VA* area

  • Mar.  3 - 4 ... Huntington, WV / Ashland, KY area

                                       + Fort Collins, CO

  • Mar. 10-11 ... Colorado Springs, CO + Lexington VA*

  • Mar. 17-18 ... Boulder, CO + Charlottesville, VA*

  • Mar. 24-25 ... Cincinnati, OH + Grand Junction, CO

                                       + Triangle area, NC*

  • Apr.  7 - 8 ... Blacksburg, VA* + Chattanooga, TN

                               + Portland, OR + Spruce Knob, WV*

  • Apr. 14-15 ... Bend, OR + Columbus, OH

  • Apr. 21-22 ... Charleston, WV + Denver, CO

                                    + Virginia Beach, VA*

  • Apr. 28-29 ... Charlottesville, VA*

  • May  5 - 6 ... Washington, DC

  • May 12-13 ... Dayton, OH + Greensboro, NC*

                                        + Wilmington, NC*

  • May 16-17 ... Charlottesville, VA*

  • May 19-20 ... Birmingham, AL + Roanoke, VA*

  • May 26-27 ... Charlottesville, VA*

  • May 26-28 ... Specialty Series:  nicely spread over 3-day holiday weekend with off road driving opportunities, free camping, Old Fields, WV

When + Where June - Sep. 2018:

  • June  2 - 3 ... Nashville, TN + Richmond, VA*

  • June 9 -10 ... Indianapolis, IN + Montgomery, AL

  • June 16-17 ... Lexington, KY / Richmond, KY area

                                         + Triangle area, NC*

  • June 23-24 ... Charlotte, NC* + Huntsville, AL

                                        + Fredericksburg, VA*

  • June 30-July 1 ... Atlanta / Marietta, GA area

  • July 14-15 ... Charlottesville, VA*

  • July 28-29 ... Specialty Series:  off road driving

                                opportunities, Uwharrie, NC

  • Aug. 18-26 ... Specialty Series:  Wilderness First Responder (9-day) course, near Spruce Knob, WV*

  • Sep. 1 - 3 ... Specialty Series:  Mountain-top retreat nicely spread over 3-day holiday weekend with optional sunset short hike, cabins $9/bed, campfires, lake & sandy beach, optional CPR & more at Mountain Lake Biol. Station, near Blacksburg, VA*

  • Sep. 15-16 ... Specialty Series:  Advanced WFA part II (pre-req.: MEDIC or SOLO WFA within last 12 months) with crashed airplane and off road driving opportunities, free camping, Old Fields, WV





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  • No prerequisites

  • For adults, and focused youths ages 12+. Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.

  • Hands-on learn how to care for an injured / ill person during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance / hospital arrival

  • Blend of classroom instruction & hands-on rescue scenario practice

  • Approved by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Girl Scouts of the USA, American Camping Association (ACA), Univ. of Virginia (100% reimbursement for certain academic employees!), and more

  • Topics

  • Flyer

  • 2-year SOLO WFA certification

  • Counts as re-cert for WFA, AWFA, WFR & wilderness part of W-EMT

  • Instructor:  Matthew Rosefsky, Geo Medic, Wilderness EMT, CERT, MRC, Street Medic and SOLO Instructor-Trainer; or an expert Matt personally trained.

  • Fee:  195 for the 2-day course (8:30am - 6:30pm or 7pm each day)

  • *Charitable Donation:  a local nonprofit organization will receive 10% of course proceeds.


Anonymous Feedback Comments (click for more):

Image with Play Button of Abby Butterfield giving video testimonial of dtWFA course

  • "The course blew my expectations out of the water."

  • "I was ... in denial about what could go wrong in a hike. I feel much moreImage with Play Button of Carolyn Schuyler giving video testimonial of dtWFA course prepared now. Everyone who hikes should take this course!"

  • "It was the *very best* first aid I ever attended and I've attended many."

  • "The numerous examples of hands-on practice in evaluating, moving and treating patients gave us lots of practice in applying what we learned."

  • "Best instructor on the East Coast (based on 4 other courses)."

  • "The encyclopedia knowledge of the instructor. The instructor's willingness to address questions, and willingness to provide individualized attention."

  • "When I walkImage with Play Button of NBC-TV Newscast reporting on surviving a disaster from severe weather to a terrorist attacked in the door, the idea of being responsible for someone in a back-country {or disaster} medical emergency was terrifying.  Now I feel confident that I can help."

  • "Shortly after receiving my WFA cert ... I was one of the first to arrive at the rolled SUV and assessed the scene. Most of the emergent volunteers were milling around the SUV, wondering what to do ... I took control to treat her ... Police and fire/rescue had not yet arrived, although plenty of 911 calls went out ... I credit being able to successfully treat my 'patient' to your WFA training."

  • "Take the class, Save a life!"                                   NBC-TV Newscast on surviving

                                                      Register Online        disasters; safety traveling abroad


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