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Care-giving Steps & SOAP Note BANDANA


Bandanas can be so useful: protecting your head from the sun, filtering debris out of water, tying a pressure dressing … and now, reminding you of the Patient Assessment System care-giving steps, plus serving as a SOAP note! If you might like to wear or travel with a bandana, get this one so you don't get caught without a reference reminder of the SOLO care-giving recipe.

This bandana has a SOAP note section on it as well, so you can document your patient care, as someone once did when discovering a helicopter crash scene and helping out. That bandana is now framed on the wall of SOLO's home campus main classroom.

Drawn by a wonderfully talented SOLO artist, this unique Patient Assessment System & SOAP Note Bandana has some pretty cool bonus features on it, such as a dragon. Approx. 21 inches tall x 22 inches wide, plus or minus a half inch or so. Comes in Red (closer to burgundy), Yellow (bright), Green (not as dark as shown), Purple (a nice deep shade), or White.

Bandana weight: 1.3 ounce

Shipping rates are super-reasonable – not designed to make a big profit like at other stores. REFUND BONUS: If the amount you pay for shipping ends up being more than $2 greater than the actual postage itself (not including cost of mailing supplies), then you'll get a partial refund after your package ships!

For your convenience, consider adding to your order:
-- "MEDIC in your Wallet" comprehensive care-giving steps manual for 48 different injuries & illnesses, FITS IN YOUR WALLET so you can ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH YOU, such as when driving in a rural area and encountering a motorcycle crash, or as an opportunity to refresh memory / review and learn new treatment steps anytime you're waiting in line for something or riding a bus/plane/train.
-- The Care-giving Steps Card to carry in your wallet or first aid kit, or to strap onto your backpack; bonus: it has the spine assessment procedure on it
-- The smallest CPR Mask + Gloves Keychain so you can be prepared to keep yourself safe when you come across an accident scene
-- A splint to tuck into your first aid kit
-- Triangular bandages (cravats) – they're so cheap, why not pick up a few?
-- Trauma Shears for quick and easy cutting through seat belts and clothing to expose and treat injuries
-- The WILDCARE disaster / travel / wilderness medicine textbook. Simply outstanding.
-- A nifty sew-on patch that says "Disaster + Wilderness First Aid" on it.

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