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WILDCARE Wilderness Medicine Textbook


"The most authoritative, beautiful, comprehensive, and up-to-date, wilderness medicine textbook ever created" - SOLO

AUTHOR: World-renowned wilderness medicine pioneer and physician Frank Hubbell, compiling his 40 years of wilderness, disaster, travel, and front-country medical research, care-giving and SOLO teaching experience. "Dr. Frank is a walking encyclopedia; talk with him for 5 minutes and it's like you've learned a whole book of information!" - MEDIC Instructor Matt Rosefsky

CONTENT: A teaching text and a reference book. Includes all Wilderness First Responder course topics, and *more.* Used as the SOLO Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness EMT course textbook. Delves into great depth in so many topics, including: scuba dive injuries and treatment; altitude illnesses, acclimatization, and treatment; reducing dislocations; incising/draining abscesses; treating numerous types of eye and teeth injuries; disaster and travel medicine; and even childbirth!

PAGES: 330-page hard-cover textbook, each page with stunning graphic design.




TESTIMONIAL: On 12/6/2014, MEDIC Instructor Matt Rosefsky wrote to the author and his team:
"I just completed a thorough, cover-to-cover read of WILDCARE. What an astounding achievement! Go team!
> Awesome content, something for *everyone* at *all* levels to learn
> Great injections of humor
> Great sidebar factoids
> Awesome photo backdrops, graphics, images, colors, variation in font styles, colors, and orientation
> Spectacular editing job
All of the above perfectly blended to create a highly-enjoyable, visually-pleasing, always-interesting, never-tiring learning experience!

-- If you're CURIOUS TO LEARN about wilderness / travel / disaster first aid ("outside the Golden Hour" first aid applications -- though much of the book content applies directly to front-country emergencies as well, especially in the critical first 5 or 10 minutes before the ambulance arrives), then this should serve as an awesome one-stop resource. Pair it with a hands-on SOLO course such as what's offered at or and then the two together – great textbook, plus hands-on know-how – will serve you well.
-- If you've TAKEN A FIRST AID COURSE -- whatever level, from basic through instructor -- this will be an excellent must-have reference manual for you, delving into greater depth in many of the topics you've learned, plus more topics you most likely have not learned.
-- If you're ABOUT TO TAKE A FIRST AID COURSE, and have the time to read through before class, you'll be able to soak in so much more during class with this outstanding foundation.
> If you're about to take the full SOLO WFResponder course (typically 8 or 9 days, not the 2-day class), this textbook comes free with your tuition, so don't buy it here – you'll receive it in class.
> If you're about to recertify your WFR, you most likely will *not* receive this in class, so consider ordering it here.
> If you're about to take the 2-day SOLO WFAid course, this is not your course textbook – yours has only 100 pages. Participants of the MEDIC SOLO dWFA course need to decide if you want your 100-page textbook sent to you in advance for $5 as noted on the course registration web page, or if you have time to delve in much more deeply and order this incredibly-far-more-comprehensive 330-page book (not only more pages, but much more content on each page).

Dimensions: 8.82 x 11.25 x 0.82 inches (hardcover)

Weight: 2lb 10oz

*FREE SHIPPING this item only. This book will ship separately from the rest of your order, so if you order more things and see a shipping charge, that's the shipping for the other items. This book will ship to you for free.

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-- The Care-giving Steps Card to carry in your wallet or first aid kit, or to strap onto your backpack; bonus: it has the spine assessment procedure on it
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-- Triangular Bandages (cravats) – they're so cheap, why not pick up a few?
-- Trauma Shears for quick and easy cutting through seat belts and clothing to expose and treat injuries
-- A nifty sew-on patch that says "Disaster + Wilderness First Aid" on it.

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