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Shipping & Returns

Financial Goal of MEDIC's WebStore:

Thank you for shopping at MEDIC's WebStore. In serving you with a few highly-innovative first aid supplies, the financial goal of the store is to raise funds to send MEDIC instructor Matt to physician-level Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) conferences, and to volunteer medical missions to disaster areas, so that he can increase his knowledge and skills to share with you in MEDIC SOLO disaster + travel + wilderness medicine courses. The point is not to make big money, as reflected in the very reasonable shipping rates below.

Shipping Rates:

USA addresses have TWO OPTIONS (both options are same speed; you get to choose the cheapest):


$6.95 for your entire order, if order is < $100.

If your order is > $100 OR if the following happens to be cheaper: choose the "Per-Item" shipping option described below and you will receive a partial REFUND (equal to the amount you pay in the option below, minus whatever the actual postage ends up being, plus a dollar or two to cover supplies and time to go to post office).


$0.50 per MEDIC in your Wallet

$0.50 per Care-giving Steps CARD

$0.50 per Lanyard Reel

$1.00 per Care-giving Steps BANDANA

$2.00 per CPR Mask + Gloves KEYCHAIN

$1.50 per Padded Aluminum SPLINT

$0.50 per Disaster + Wilderness First Aid PATCH

$0.95 per Trauma SHEARS

$0.25 per Triangular Bandage (Cravat)

$0.00 (free) shipping for WILDCARE Wilderness Medicine Textbook. This book will ship separately from the rest of your order, so if you order more things and see a shipping charge, that's the shipping for the other items above. This book will ship to you for free.

REFUND BONUS: If the amount you pay for shipping ends up being more than $2 greater than the actual postage itself (not including cost of mailing supplies), then you'll get a partial refund after your package ships!

Additional shipping notes:

Whenever possible, items ship in re-used envelopes / packaging, saving the planet one package at a time.

International: please click the "Contact Us" link to inquire about shipping outside the USA.

Shipping Timing:

The short: every effort is made to get the product to arrive at your door within a week or less, preferably within just a few days.

The long: This store is a 1-person operation, run by MEDIC instructor Matt. When Matt is in town, he goes to the post office every other day it's open. Just a few times per year, when Matt is out of town for a week or so, shipping is delayed because there is no one else to process orders (hence the reasonable prices and shipping rates -- no money supporting an employee). For 2017, here are the dates Matt is away for more than just a long weekend: February 22 - March 2, 2017 (adventures in Iceland), August 18-27 (teach Wilderness First Responder course in West Virginia), and September 7 - 17 (adventures in Wrangells-St. Elias National Park, Alaska). Thank you *so* much for your patience in awaiting the arrival of your order, if you order during these time periods.

Return Policy:

This is not a huge retail store. It is a small side shop designed to make it easy for you to find and purchase a few innovative, difficult-or-impossible-to-locate-elsewhere products. As the shop is so small, it is not set up to handle any returns other than items which you receive new but damaged during shipping – which has never happened. If your item arrives damaged, you have one week to ship it back (at your shipping expense) and upon receipt, a new one will be shipped to you (at this shop's expense). There are no refunds; all sales are final.

Warranty: Every possible effort was sincerely taken during the design phase of the products to make them function as well as possible, and last as long as possible while keeping prices down. Furthermore, to keep prices as reasonable and affordable as can be, extra margin was *not* added into the cost of the products to create a slush fund for product returns. All items in this store are low dollar amounts, and so, all things considered, thank you for understanding that returns / credits / refunds other than what's written in the "Return Policy" paragraph above are not accepted.

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