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Save life and limb with this:
> credit-card-sized (~3mm or ~1/8 in. thick)
> waterproof
> tear-proof (it just stretches if you try to tear it)
> first aid solutions manual, which accordion-unfolds into 32 panels of treatment steps for nearly 50 types of injuries and illnesses, when help is not instantly available.

When you come across an injured person during a hike just 1 mile in, or when you get into or come across a car / train / bus crash, EMTs don't appear instantly (in particular: do you ever drive through a rural area?). "MEDIC in your Wallet" will help you save life and limb. You can look at the table of contents on the cover, and go right to that topic number inside for treatment steps. Especially useful in wilderness, disaster, and rural travel / living, as well as ANY first aid situation when from time of injury/illness to comprehensive medical care is greater than an hour.

"MEDIC" (which stands for "Medical Education: Do-it-yourself Injury Care") is a disaster and wilderness medical school, teaching Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder certification courses. "MEDIC in your Wallet" is the boiled-down culmination of years of evidence-based advances in first aid medical science.

Topics included are all those covered in the MEDIC SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA), Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA), and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) courses … plus even more topics added in. Taking, or have taken one of those courses? This makes for a GREAT, small, easy reference, which you can pull out and review treatment steps / refresh your memory any time you're on a bus / plane / train, or waiting in line for something.

Notices printed inside state: "Designed for use by currently-certified wilderness medical practitioners (WFA & up). Designed for use with adult patients in USA when > 1 hr from time of incident to hospital, & ambulance items like oxygen not available."

Pricing is set as-is because it cost over $7,000 to bring this to market, not including a penny for the author / designer Matt Rosefsky's time or expertise. Sale proceeds (once the $7,000+ hopefully is recouped) will fund the continued education, professional development, and disaster volunteer deployment of MEDIC instructor(s), forever increasing the quality of disaster/wilderness medical courses MEDIC offers. Thank you for your support, and for using this to save lives.

Item weight: a half (0.5) ounce

Shipping rates are super-reasonable – not designed to make a big profit like at other stores. REFUND BONUS: If the amount you pay for shipping ends up being more than $2 greater than the actual postage itself (not including cost of mailing supplies), then you'll get a partial refund after your package ships!

For your convenience, consider adding to your order:
-- The smallest CPR Mask + Gloves Keychain so you can be prepared to keep yourself safe when you come across an accident scene
-- A splint to tuck into your first aid kit
-- Triangular bandages (cravats) – they're so cheap, why not pick up a few?
-- Trauma Shears for quick and easy cutting through seat belts and clothing to expose and treat injuries
-- The WILDCARE disaster / travel / wilderness medicine textbook. Simply outstanding.
-- A nifty sew-on patch that says "Disaster + Wilderness First Aid" on it.

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