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Lanyard Reel


Perfect for use with Care-giving Steps CARD ... the translucent plastic end perfectly slides right through the slot in the CARD, and firmly buttons to itself. This way you can pull out your card to use it, without losing it on the ground during a hectic rescue situation.

FEATURES: As always, MEDIC searched for hours and chose to sell this one among the zillions out there, due to its nifty features:
-- The metal spring clip on the back side *swivels* / rotates freely, so you can clip it to anything at any angle and when you pull on the lanyard it won't be in an angled/sideways direction (the clip will swivel and the lanyard will pull straight out).
-- The strong-force clip will clip onto anything from paper-thin to 3/8 inch thick.

-- Lanyard string is over 33 inches long when fully extended.
-- Outer size of the reel housing (the round part): 1.25 inches diameter by 3/8 inch thick, not including the metal clip or other pictured things which stick out.
-- Color of plastic housing: clear (and the insides are black and light gray).
-- Weight per unit: 0.4 ounce.

NOTE: this is *not* designed for use with MEDIC in your Wallet, which does not have a slot. Use only with Care-giving Steps CARD.

Shipping rates are super-reasonable – not designed to make a big profit like at other stores. REFUND BONUS: If the amount you pay for shipping ends up being more than $2 greater than the actual postage itself (not including cost of mailing supplies), then you'll get a partial refund after your package ships!

For your convenience, consider adding to your order:
-- Care-giving Steps Card to carry in your wallet or first aid kit, or to strap onto your backpack; bonus: it has the spine assessment procedure on it
-- "MEDIC in your Wallet" comprehensive care-giving steps manual for 48 different injuries & illnesses, FITS IN YOUR WALLET so you can ALWAYS HAVE IT WITH YOU, such as when driving in a rural area and encountering a motorcycle crash, or as an opportunity to refresh memory / review and learn new treatment steps anytime you're waiting in line for something or riding a bus/plane/train.
-- Smallest CPR Mask + Gloves Keychain so you can be prepared to keep yourself safe when you come across an accident scene
-- Splint, to tuck into your first aid kit
-- Triangular bandages (cravats) – they're so cheap, why not pick up a few?
-- Trauma Shears for quick and easy cutting through seat belts and clothing to expose and treat injuries
-- WILDCARE disaster / travel / wilderness medicine textbook. Simply outstanding.
-- Nifty sew-on patch that says "Disaster + Wilderness First Aid" on it.

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