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The way in which YOU handle the first 5 mins of an emergency can make the difference between life & death.


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About:  Instructor Dallas Branum


Profile picture of disaster, travel and wilderness first aid instructor Dallas Branum


Backcountry Emergency Medical Experience

     As a Lead Instructor with the Colorado Outward Bound School, I spend the majority of my summers leading backpacking and mountaineering courses deep in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.  Acting as a backcountry doctor for my students gives me firsthand experience taking care of myriad wounds, illnesses, injuries, and medical emergencies.  Additionally, I taught SCUBA in the frigid waters off the Oregon Coast for several years, giving me further experience with diving medical emergencies and decompression illness.  In short, I practice what I preach; all the skills and topics covered in the Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid Courses are concepts I have routinely practiced in the field while far from definitive medical care.


Adventure Leadership Experience

  • Colorado Outward Bound School
    • Iíve been instructing with COBS since May of 2015, leading mountaineering, backpacking, and climbing courses throughout the Colorado Rockies.
  • Outdoor Adventure Social Club
    • In two years, I led a total of 72 outdoor adventures, including: rock climbing, caving/spelunking, backpacking, cascading, and hiking.
  • Building Goodness Foundation
    • Since 2011 I have led yearly volunteer construction trips in the developing world with BGF, often staying and working for a month or more in distant rural regions of Haiti and Central America.
  • University of Oregon Outdoor Pursuits Program
    • Principles of Outdoor Leadership
    • Wilderness Survival
    • Outdoor Education
  • Lane Community College SCUBA Program
    • I taught with the LCC Dive Program for nearly 5 years.
    • Iíve logged over 1 month teaching underwater with students.  


Personal Outdoor Achievements

  • Iíve been climbing since 2004, and have summited rocks and mountains in 16 states and 7 different countries, putting up numerous first ascents in Colorado and across the west.
  • Technical Mountaineering: Mt. Rainier (winter ascent,) Mt. Hood (winter ascent,) Dozens of couloirs and technical summits in the Sawatch and San Juans of Colorado, Mt. St. Helens (winter ascent,) Cotopaxi, Volcan Concepcion, and Chimborazo.


International Travel

     Iíve Guided trips in: 

  • South America:  Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia
  • Central America:  Guatemala, Nicaragua
  • Caribbean:  Puerto Rico, Haiti
  • North America:
    • Canada:  British Columbia
    • USA:  Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire


Certifications & Education

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support
  • Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid Instructor
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
  • AIARE Avalanche Level 1
  • Outward Bound Educational Framework, Alpine Skills, and Instructor Training
  • Leave No Trace Instructor
  • PADI Divemaster
  • University or Oregon  - International Studies:  Peace Studies, Human Rights, and Conflict Resolution in Latin America


Photo Collage of Disaster Travel and Wilderness Medicine Instructor Dallas Branum



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Feb. 3 - 4, 2018:

Nashville, TN

Feb. 17-18:

Richmond, VA area

Mar. 3 - 4:

Fort Collins, CO

Huntington, WV /

  Ashland, KY area

Mar. 10-11:

Colorado Sprngs CO

Lexington, VA

Mar. 17-18:

Boulder, CO

Charlottesville, VA

Mar. 24-25:

Cincinnati, OH

Grand Junction, CO

Triangle area, NC

Apr. 7 - 8:

Blacksburg, VA

Chattanooga, TN

Portland, OR

Spruce Knob, WV

Apr. 14-15:

Bend, OR

Columbus, OH

Apr. 21-22:

Denver, CO

Charleston, WV

Virginia Beach area

Apr. 28-29:

Charlottesville, VA

May 5 - 6:

Washington, DC

May 12-13:

Dayton, OH

Greensboro, NC

Wilmington, NC

May 16-17:

Charlottesville, VA

May 19-20:

Birmingham, AL

Roanoke, VA

May 26-27 or 28:

Charlottesville, VA

Old Fields, WV

June 2 - 3:

Nashville, TN

Richmond, VA

June 9-10:

Indianapolis, IN

Montgomery, AL

June 16-17:

Triangle area, NC

Richmond, KY /

  Lexington, KY area

June 23-24:

Charlotte, NC

Huntsville, AL

Fredericksburg, VA

June 30 - July 1:

Atlanta /

  Marietta, GA area

July 14-15:

Charlottesville, VA

July 28-29:

Uwharrie, NC

Sep. 1-3: Mtn-top retreat

near Blacksburg, VA

Sep. 15-16:  Advanced

    WFA Part II (upgrade)

Old Fields, WV

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Learn how to save life & limb when / where pro help is not immediately available.

"Wilderness" = Time of injury/illness to hospital arrival > 1 hour.

= Natural or rural area, remote travel, and natural or terrorist disaster zones

 when & where EMS is overwhelmed, and cellphone towers are jammed.


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