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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid & Responder Certification Courses

Comprehensive Feedback Emails



>> "Matt, your class was phenomenal!! In two and a half days [with optional CPR] you completely re-wired my brain, which is some trick. :-)
     The combination of tons of information presented in a clear and logical fashion, stories illustrating key points, tricks to remember crucial steps, and of course hands-on practice was priceless!  Thank you for being so awesome!!!"  - email from Becky R., 4/1/2015


>> "What a wonderful class you created, organized, and conducted. It truly was one of the best I've taken and observed. As an aside, I have my Ph.D. in Adult Ed. from UGA so I actually know excellence when I see it and experience it. The community building and connecting others put your course far and away above any I've had or seen (the birthday cake was over the top ...). Typically, Adult Ed "training" is pretty dry, etc. In fact, I had become so discouraged by what I was seeing and experiencing and being asked to do that I took a 1-year sabbatical 3 years ago. You've renewed my hope. Thank you. I believe I needed to see someone who was doing it right just as much as I needed the information and activities you provided. So bless you. It's been a very, very long time.
Take care!
LuAnn Cooley"  email 1/15/2016



>> "Hi Matt, I took your WFA class a year ago tomorrow in Richmond. I'm now in an EMT course, because I learned in your course just how valuable it is to know how to assist others in emergency situations while on call for disaster relief. ... I really wanted to say thanks for letting me take your course, even without having any gear or general knowledge of hiking/outdoor activities. Your course has changed my life and now I'll be able to positively affect other's lives as well. Thanks!!" - email from Anna Mooney, 4/18/2012



>> "Thank you again for an excellent Wilderness First Aid Course.  It went well over our expectations and was extremely informative and the hands on training was amazing.  The CPR class was also excellent."  - email from Mary Sitton & Glen Hickerson, 3/25/2015



>> "Folks, this is the course to take & Matt is one of the best instructors I've ever had or even seen. In my 40+ years as an Army medic, EMT-A & -P, and in ground & air SAR, I have experienced all manners of Instructors & courses. I can truly say that this is the course for anyone interested in field first aid. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a seasoned veteran just looking for a refresher, Matt has the ability to offer instruction & hands-on experience to all. This is truly a great way to start the new year & will benefit you & all of those around you. if you're undecided about the class - 'Take it.' 'That's an order.' Seriously people, In my 20 + yrs in the service, this is one of the most practical medical courses I have taken. It's well worth the time & $$." -Larry Cruse, email 1/2/2013



>> "Many thanks again for your great class. I found the whole experience to be incredibly rewarding and really appreciated your ability to deliver the materials in such a clear and concise manner.  Instruction can be a difficult thing to master and I felt that your teaching skills were quite masterful indeed." -Chip Sinclair, email 4/16/2013



>> “I highly recommend the MEDIC SOLO Wilderness First Aid program instructed by Matt Rosefsky.
As a complete novice in this area, I was astonished at how much we all learned over the intensive weekend. This is in large part attributed to Matt’s considerable experience and teaching skills. Of course the curriculum and excellent materials are time tested. ...

     As a father, husband, and major partner in a local business I sought out this program with the goal of learning how in a medical emergency to protect my family and colleagues during and after the critical “Golden Hour” until the professionals can arrive. I now have a much better foundation and structure for meaningful action.

     Matt Rosefsky was simply outstanding in his ability to interact and instruct such a diverse group of students. ... There is no doubt in my mind that students of this class will be able to make a difference.

A great educator is humble, knowledgeable and genuinely loves working with students. In my opinion, Matt Rosefsky is a great educator. THANKS."

     -Ralph M. Courage, CPWA, CIMA, CFP, CLU

     Courage Miller Partners, LLC

     Institutional and Private Family Portfolio Management”

     email 4/4/2011


>> "With more than 40 years of extensive backpacking and wilderness canoeing experience, I questioned myself about why I would take this course.  In the end, I reflected on the several times I had helped others out of bad situations, and the personal rewards that has given me.  Always in the back of my mind, was the 'What if it was a really bad injury' question.  So far it had been weather, lost hikers, and injuries I could deal with.  Could I rely on common sense and some book knowledge to turn things around?  The SOLO course was perfectly taught and always a lot of fun learning by encountering almost-real-life situations, which prepared me in a way nothing ever could. The SOLO course book made sometimes-confusing signs and symptoms [be] easily understandable, and again the instructor was fantastic -- something I had heard about other SOLO instructors as well.  This was one of the best things I have ever done, and worth missing a mountain weekend for, many times over."

     - email from John Holden, Manager of Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Charlottesville, VA, 7/30/2007

>> "I learned even more taking it this second time."

     - John Holden, email 10/25/2009


>> “Your knowledge of wilderness medicine and obvious passion for the topic combined with your engaging teaching style went a long way in providing an excellent learning environment. You take very complex concepts and chunk them down into smaller learning nuggets for students to ingest making the concept easier to understand. Following up with very skillfully designed mock accident scenarios helps to reinforce and, therefore, better retain the concepts you teach. Being an outdoor educator myself, I understand the importance of blending hypothetical and experiential teaching styles to help students obtain and retain knowledge. My learning expectations for this course were certainly met and, in many cases, exceeded. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking knowledge about managing medical emergencies in the backcountry.

     Best Regards,

     Ron Fandetti

     AMC Mountain Leadership School Co-Director”

>> "FANTASTIC CLASS! I feel that because of the training I could handle most wilderness emergencies with a logical order of triage and care.

  • the material was presented is a logical order (thanks to your arrangement)
  • you held my attention the entire time
  • you included the right amount of 'story' time
  • the lecture / hands-on time seemed correctly proportional for the material
  • you were able to manage the class very well and keep everyone on task"

     - email from Dan R., 7/22/2008


>> "Matt:  A note of big thanks to you, Cary and frankly to all my classmates for a what I believe was the best training class on any topic that I have ever had the privilege to attend.

1) Well organized.  I've gotten a lot of good training on many subjects over the years but even though the training was good it wasn't always well planned and executed.  This was.  I've taught a lot of different subjects myself in the military, civilian and industrial environments. I confess that I think of myself as organized but you are much better.  Amazing that things tracked so well to the schedule.

2) A lot of content.  But more than just a lot of content I felt like I learned it.  You and Cary did a great job of instruction, presentation, coaching and correction.  If I hadn't been there I wouldn't have believed you could learn that much in that amount of time.  Moreover, two ten hour days and not a moment of boredom- even for topics I felt I knew well.

3) Excellent and valuable hands-on scenarios.  This was a big deal for me.  I'd take as much of this as I could get.  I have a lot of experience but it was in environments where I had everything I needed (ER, ambulance) and/or I could call in support at a moments notice- the kind of support that comes in all-terrain capable vehicles or helicopters, regardless of the weather or even gunfire.  It was challenging to diagnose and improvise without all the supporting tools.  Understanding the principles is not enough; I had to apply them, make mistakes, correct them and learn on the fly.  This is now my real world. I'm not a Navy Corpsman or EMT any more.  I'm the guy on the trail, in the woods, on a boat...I'll have to work with what I have.

4) Great classmates.  I learned a lot from them too.  Those that knew more than I did and helped me to learn to do it better.  Also those that knew less and challenged me to help them and improve myself in the process.  Not a person there I would be uncomfortable leading or following.

5) Miserable realism.  It may not have been comfortable being out in the pouring rain but you don't get to tell people to be sick or injured only on the nice days, level ground, and when my arthritis doesn't hurt.  I really, really appreciated the realism.

6) Instructor commitment.  I actually used your stint as our nearly naked patient [hypothermic wearing nothing but shorts out in actual rain] in a meeting this morning, I was describing the commitment that I saw to making something work the best way possible.  No question that the scenario would not have been as vivid and informative as it was if you had us indoors and said "make believe that...".  I can tell you that everyone I saw and interacted with was working to treat you as a real patient.  A sense of urgency, the need to get it right.

So thank you.
     Best regards,
     Chris Radley" - email 4/20/2015



>> "Hi Matt, ...

Your WFA class (and CPR/AED) far surpassed what we even imagined it might be like. I left the weekend feeling exhilarated (learning does that!), overwhelmed by the copious amounts of information (how will I ever remember it all), a little disturbed by how woefully unprepared we are (even though Pete and I have always considered ourselves relatively well prepared), yet at the same time feeling far better prepared than before. Your style of teaching was for us very appealing – staying on point, repetition, humor, but especially the multiple scenarios. I’ll never forget that I broke two different patients’ necks [in mock scenarios in class], ahem... The following Monday morning after your class, I had to make a 45 minute drive for an appt over in Front Royal. The entire drive there and back, all I could think about was what we learned. I literally put myself into a scenario (talking out loud while I drove!) and went through every single step, branching off the scenario as needed to be sure I covered each way it might have gone as we practiced. I actually was quite pleased and surprised at how much I did retain. I also firmly believe that should I ever come up on a situation, even if I don’t remember everything possible to remember, that I WILL be able to help someone in need and quite possibly save their life.

... Anyway, without going on TOO much, I just wanted to touch base, tell you how much your course especially affected me, but both of us with most simply an exponentially increased level of awareness about Being Prepared. It was so great to meet you, as well as to benefit from your wide breadth of knowledge about WFA, your expertise, and your clear command and enthusiasm about it all.

Best regards,

Twila and Pete Bracken"

- email 4/26/2015



>> "Shortly after receiving my WFA cert … while waiting at a red light at a 4-way intersection, I observed an SUV lose control on the wet road while taking a turn a bit too fast and roll over. I keep stocked trauma kits in my vehicles and grabbed one …

     I was one of the first to arrive at the rolled SUV and assessed the scene. Most of the emergent volunteers were milling around the SUV, wondering what to do and not sure how to handle treating the female driver. I observed through the windshield that she was alert, although a little disoriented and had a cut left hand due to the broken driver's window; the air bags didn't deploy. I guess since I was talking the loudest to the woman, I took control to treat her. While still physically separated by the vehicle, I asked her if she had any other injuries/pain and began the initial assessment the best I could ... Police and fire/rescue had not yet arrived, although plenty of 911 calls went out.

     With the help of another man, we were able to push up and open the passenger door, the driver's side was on the ground. While he held the door open, I was able to interact with my 'patient.' I received permission to treat her ... While gloved up, I applied several 4x4 pads and had her raise her arm above her head and hold the gauze. There was no way we could get her out and I didn't want to try without proper rescue cribbing gear to prevent the vehicle shifting around ... I talked with her to calm her down. Once FX Fire/Rescue was on site, I passed care of my 'patient' to them. She was subsequently extracted from the SUV and transported to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

     Thanks again for letting me take your WFA class and I credit being able to successfully treat my 'patient' to your WFA training.

     Best regards.

     Ian K." - email 6/5/2008



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