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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Wilderness Medical School

The way in which YOU handle the first 5 mins of an emergency can make the difference between life & death.


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  • Stands for:  Medical Education:  Do-it-yourself Injury Care
  • Is the corner of SOLO in which Matt Rosefsky teaches



  • The oldest continuously-operating school of wilderness medicine on the planet
  • One of very few wilderness medical schools run by a physician, to whom the Wilderness Medical Society (of mostly physicians) presented their highest award, for being a founding father of wilderness medicine on the planet.
  • Staff continuously develops state-of-the-art evidence-based disaster & wilderness medical science
  • Main campus in New Hampshire
  • Instructors live and teach throughout the USA and abroad.


Great Outdoor Provision Co. (GOPC):

  • Starting in 2016 with its 9 outdoor gear and apparel stores across North Carolina and Virginia, GOPC chose and continues to partner with and sponsor MEDIC to bring wilderness medical education to all of the communities it serves.  This sponsorship continues indefinitely, enabling folks to take the Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid certification course for $185 (as of 2017) instead of the $255 another major outdoor retailer charges.  Moreover, as a further way to give to its communities, for each class GOPC and MEDIC deliver together, they donate 10% of the proceeds to a local nonprofit organization.


Blue Ridge Mountain Sports (BRMS):

  • Starting in 2011 with its 12 outdoor gear and apparel stores across New Jersey, Virginia, and Tennessee, BRMS chose to partner with and sponsor MEDIC to bring wilderness medical education to all of the communities it served.  This wonderful partnership delivered 65 courses and lasted until 2016, when BRMS' stores closed down.



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May 20-21:

Washington, DC

May 27-28:

Charlottesville, VA

May 31 - June 1:

Charlottesville, VA

June 3 - 4:

Richmond, VA

June 10-11:

Triad area, NC

June 24-25:

Virginia Beach, VA

July 8 - 9:

Charlottesville, VA

July 15-16:

Scenic Riverside, Fredericksburg, VA

Aug. 19-27 (9 days):


Spruce Knob, WV

Sep. 2 - 4:

Mtn-top Retreat near Blacksburg, VA

Sep. 16-17:

Old Fields, WV

Sep. 23-24:

Chattanooga, TN

Oct. 14-15:

Charlottesville, VA

Nov. 11-12:

Washington, DC

Dec. 16-17:

Uwharrie, NC

Jan. 6 - 7, 2018:

Charlottesville, VA

Jan. 13-14, 2018:

Norfolk, VA

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Sponsored by Great Outdoor Provision Company

Learn how to save life & limb when / where pro help is not immediately available.

"Wilderness" = Time of injury/illness to hospital arrival > 1 hour.

= Natural or rural area, remote travel, and natural or terrorist disaster zones

 when & where EMS is overwhelmed, and cellphone towers are jammed.


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