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The way in which YOU handle the first 5 mins of an emergency can make the difference between life & death.


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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Travel +  Wilderness First Aid & Responder Certification Courses

Student Testimonials on Video


  • Carolyn Schuyler, Executive Director of Wildrock and Master Naturalist, shares her thoughts   about how the class she took (Charlottesville, VA, May 2016) in order to learn how to take care of children and families in nature, surprised her in going well beyond expectations:  packing a week's worth of not-common-knowledge education (both classroom and hands-on) into one efficient weekend.




  • Abby Butterfield shares her thoughts about the class experience (Blacksburg, VA , 4/2016), including noting, "What life-threatening situation that's preventable are you willing not to know? Myself and all those around me are much safer."




  • Jonathan Kindel, Scoutmaster and Disaster Responder, shares his thoughts about the class experience (Virginia Beach, VA , 5/2015)




  • Rikk Morris shares his thoughts about the class experience (Knoxville, TN, 3/3/2013), in particular how the care-giving procedures learned and hands-on practiced in class are critical to disaster-prep and wilderness first aid situations.




  • Rob Davis shares his thoughts after taking the class in Knoxville, TN (3/3/2013).  "I've had basic first aid & CPR before, but this exceeded it at least 20-fold":




  • Astin Altenberg shares her thoughts about the class experience (Blacksburg, VA-area 4/7/2013), and the care-giving empowerment, skill, and confidence gained.






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May 20-21:

Washington, DC

May 27-28:

Charlottesville, VA

May 31 - June 1:

Charlottesville, VA

June 3 - 4:

Richmond, VA

June 10-11:

Triad area, NC

June 24-25:

Virginia Beach, VA

July 8 - 9:

Charlottesville, VA

July 15-16:

Scenic Riverside, Fredericksburg, VA

Aug. 19-27 (9 days):


Spruce Knob, WV

Sep. 2 - 4:

Mtn-top Retreat near Blacksburg, VA

Sep. 16-17:

Old Fields, WV

Sep. 23-24:

Chattanooga, TN

Oct. 14-15:

Charlottesville, VA

Nov. 11-12:

Washington, DC

Dec. 16-17:

Uwharrie, NC

Jan. 6 - 7, 2018:

Charlottesville, VA

Jan. 13-14, 2018:

Norfolk, VA

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Learn how to save life & limb when / where pro help is not immediately available.

"Wilderness" = Time of injury/illness to hospital arrival > 1 hour.

= Natural or rural area, remote travel, and natural or terrorist disaster zones

 when & where EMS is overwhelmed, and cellphone towers are jammed.


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