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MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid & Responder Certification Courses

Anonymous Student Feedback Surveys & Emails

Just-the-Instructor Feedback


>> "The teachers [Alli and Jeff] were phenomenal, well-informed experts."  November 2017


>> "Jeff was the best instructor I've had for WFR or WFA.  He has this amazing inspirational, confidence-building energy that makes students feel empowered + confident."  January 2018


>> "I spent a career receiving, managing and evaluating course instruction. Matt is in the top 5% of instructors ... Superb ... Best of the best.  In addition to professionalism, personable approach was excellent ... I would travel again from Missouri to attend a SOLO course if all instructors and courses are of this caliber and quality -- no question."  October 2012


>> "Jeff was awesome -- best instructor I have had in several versions of this course.  Especially appreciated how he instilled confidence in us to make the best decisions we can.  He set a great classroom environment too." -- January 2018

>> "Matt made the environment so comfortable & learning-oriented.  He asked questions constantly.  Talked with us, not at us.  Superlative.  Very knowledgeable.  Calm.  Engaging.  Great teacher.  Very professional.  Thorough but efficient.  Mindful.  Generous."  May 2016


>> "Best part of course:  Jeff is an incredible teacher (I am a teacher)."  July 2017


>> "Best instructor on the East Coast (based on 4 other courses)." December 2012


>> Jeff was "amazing.  He really knew a lot and had our learning in his best interest.  One of the best instructors I've had."  July 2017


>> "Matt was very knowledgeable and didn't just answer all of my questions, he had me process it and find the answer myself."  January 2018


>> "Jeff was a superb instructor. Can't recommend this enough!" -- Ray Gerber via Facebook, September 2017


Survey question:  "What were the positive aspects of the course?"

>> "Instructor's knowledge!  Demeanor -- fostered healthy learning environment ... Phenomenal.  Approachable.  Knowledgeable.  Clearly experts in their field."  June 2017


>> "Matt was great, very knowledgeable.  He explained very complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand way."  June 2016


>> "My instructor (Jeff Imel) was excellent and engaging."  July 2017


>> "Matt has by far been the best instructor of my 14 years of taking wilderness medicine courses."  March 2015


>> "The best instructor for EMS-type training I've had."  June 2014


>> "I am especially impressed by Matt's use of evidence-based medicine information as the basis for the course. ... Matt is always upbeat and patient with many questions ...  Top Notch -- Good time manager, keeps up with what's new, always smiling, always positive, well-organized, paces well (the course material)." November 2015


>> "Absolutely awesome; between WMI and SOLO, I have had multiple instructors; Matt was hands-down the best!"  March 2013


> Anonymous feedback surveys look like the following:

(actual example below is from June 2014)


>> "Matt is an amazing teacher, great person and extremely experienced.  There is no better person to teach this class."  September 2015


>> "I really enjoyed the class ... I was very impressed with your up-to-date knowledge on Evidence Based Medicine articles related to the class." - Devauna Riley, RN, email 3/5/2013


>> "Matt is excellent and patient with those who have no medical experience.  It was greatly appreciated!"  July 2015


>> "Amazing!  Matt was a phenomenal instructor.  Patient, positive, constructive, humorous, made great use of stories and analogies."  February 2016


>> "Matt was great.  He was relentlessly positive, patient, enthusiastic, and clear."  March 2015


>> "Matt was energetic, interactive, encouraging, helpful, kind, caring, forgiving!"  February 2016


>> "Passionate, driven, awesome, great sense of humor, communicated everything really clearly and was very determined for all of us to succeed and do well."  September 2015


>> "Matt is excellent, clear, concise, with obvious wealth of experience & excellent stories."  June 2015


>> "It is obvious you take pride in your work and take value in feedback.  I'm impressed by the effort put into visual aids & student requests.  Lots of time put into experiential learning. ... Great attention to detail and individual learning styles."  October 2015


>> "Identified the principles and why interactions occur based on those principles.  I'm sooo much more likely to remember what to do & why ... 6 months from now ... vs. a list of 'to-do's. ... Matt is marvelous ... Good coach as we walk through the hands-on exercises.  Very generous & thoughtful in terms of class comfort & focus."  June 2014


>> "I liked that the 'why' behind each [care-giving step and body response] was provided.  I think Matt is right that it will help in a real experience to help make the best choices."  May 2014


>> "The depth with which Matt presents the material was phenomenal ... Matt was clearly meant to do this.  He's passionate and knowledgeable, and couldn't have done better."  May 2014


> Anonymous feedback surveys look like the following:

(actual example below is from February 2016)


>> "You are a superb instructor! I will definitely re-cert WFA with you in 2 years, and if/when I step it up to a WFR cert you will be my first choice. I will also be happy to refer you to anyone who is looking to get certified.  Thanks for a great class, - Mary C."  - Email received January 20, 2015


>> "Matt is like the 'MacGyver' of first aid."  May 2013


>> "He's [Matt's] the best thing since nutella on peanut butter!"  October 2012


>> "Matt was awesome, knowledgeable, humble (didn't make you feel stupid)."  January 2015


>> "The encyclopedia knowledge of the instructor. The instructor's willingness to address questions, and willingness to provide individualized attention."  November 2012 (response to question: "What were the positive aspects of the course?"


>> "Matt was more amazing than a golden unicorn with rainbow hair that grants wishes."  March 2015


>> "Matt Rosefsky was an incredibly good instructor, and had an engaging teaching style.  It was evident that he truly loves teaching and was very dedicated to his students ... Learned substantially more than in my last WFA training [with a different instructor]."  June 2013


>> "Instructor asked us questions and guided us to answers."  June 2014


>> "He was very easy and comfortable and did not make you feel that if you don't do everything perfect you will fail.  This way I could relax and absorb the material."  March 2014


>> "Good with students -- not critical -- but more mentoring."  June 2014


>> "Matt was great!  He incorporated everyone, made everyone feel accepted and equal, and really created a group setting."  June 2014


>> "Matt is an excellent teacher.  He knows the material and has experience in the field.  This knowledge does not make him pompous or cocky, which is an admirable trait avoiding these pitfalls."  June 2013


>> "Beyond excellent.  Matt was the best instructor I've had on any subject."  May 2013


>> "Expert instructor."  November 2012


>> "Matt was one of the best workshop instructors I have ever had.  Well-informed and down to Earth."  March 2014


>> "Matt is a great TEACHER.  He keeps things interesting & grabs your attention.  Lots of great stories to illustrate topics."  March 2014


>> "I liked learning the why behind actions, I liked Matt's openness to questions and obvious passion for sharing knowledge & he was very knowledgeable.  Also liked how he reviewed the steps we needed."  November 2013


>> "Matt took challenging material & made it do-able and achievable for everyone in the class. Outstanding!" November 2012


>> "You have a genuine gift for getting info across to people."  - Redmond Manierre, email 5/13/2013


>> "You have a way of communicating that is very easy to understand and I believe I will remember the principles because of that.  Thank you!" - Lorraine Cosumano, email 3/2/2014


>> "He [Matt] was the best part." July 2012

>> "Matt is awesome!  Friendly + fun + knowledgeable."  March 2014


>> "Matt Rosefsky is hands down one of the friendliest & knowledgeable instructors I've had period." January 2013


>> "He [Matt] was a great teacher. The class wouldn't be the same without him." September 2012


>> "Really appreciate you laying in a puddle for us."  April 2015


>> "Great instructor: personable, engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, clear speaker, knowledgeable." February 2012


>> "Absolutely fabulous." September 2012


>> "Excellent. Great presenter and explains everything on a level you can understand." February 2012


>> "Us learning the skills was important to him."  April 2013


>> "Matt was awesome!  Very knowledgeable, thorough, patient, responsive, on-task, fun, passionate, generous -- a natural educator who is a great asset to both future caregivers and patients."  March 2013


>> "On a scale of 1-10, he was a 100! Exceptional person!" July 2012

>> "High energy, clear, articulate, knowledgeable, unbelievably thorough." May 2012


>> "Matt tried to elicit answers and encouraged us to think about things rather than just giving info." January 2013


>> "I've taken this course twice before and I think this was the best it's been taught." March 2012


>> "Best one [instructor] of my now-4 WFA or BWFA courses -- thank you." March 2012


>> "One of the finest teachers I've ever had (and I have lots of educational experience!). A perfect balance of serious respect for the material and a good dose of humor to keep up spirits. Excellent at diffusing tension, building confidence, and great at creating very believable scenarios!" June 2012


>> "Matt is an outstanding instructor!!!" December 2012


>> "Matt is quite awesome. He breaks down complicated topics into easy to understand segments." January 2013


>> "Matt is great -- explains clearly why + how things relate to each other, what is happening with the body + its reactions, etc.  Very knowledgeable, clear + engaging.  Nice to hear real life, relevant stories."  October 2013


>> "I didn't know what to expect & told friends I might leave early on Sunday. But NO WAY! Matt is a great teacher & I learned so much! ... Great knowledge & skill, able to communicate information, great humor & methods of engaging students." January 2011


>> "Serious but with a sufficient dose of humor. Encouraging, good at building my self-confidence." March 2012


>> "Matt is wonderful. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and professional." June 2011


>> "Matt ... Obviously you are in tune with the subject of Wilderness First Aid and your instruction capabilities are excellent." March 2008


>> "Instructor Matt Rosefsky was very engaging and informative. He added additional important information & emphasized and clarified areas which are confusing ... i.e. shock and how to deduce / reason through what symptoms might mean." February 2012


>> "Excellent. Very knowledgeable & charismatic. Professional at every level." April 2011


>> "Matt is the greatest, very thought-provoking and engaging ... Anyone wanting to be certified in wilderness first aid can't get better than Matt!" January 2013


>> "Matt is a great instructor, knows the subject, very personable and confidence-inspiring -- would definitely take another class of his." March 2008


>> "Listened to each question & gave thoughtful answers!" January 2012


>> "He [Matt] animated the knowledge into a story.  Teaching the information by emphasizing the 'how.'  Matt focused on experiential-based learning + offered stories + fairly recent reports on why protocol was the way it was, why it wasn't what it wasn't, + how it had changed." April 2013


>> "Rock Star!!!" October 2010


>> "Matt was great. His fantastic soft skills were only outweighed by his tremendous knowledge of the subject matter." March 2009


>> "You did an outstanding job of being very positive in your feedback and in general leading the group. An often misplaced piece of the leadership puzzle, having a strong positive outlook sure makes the atmosphere in any situation better...... Great class will recommend highly. You did a good job learning peoples names too." January 2012


>> "Matt was "very patient and positive. Answered all questions thoroughly. He was very well-versed in the subjects. Good time management!" March 2008


>> "The instructor knew EVERYTHING. Clear, organized, thorough & concise!" May 2009


>> "I had taken the course 2 years ago. I noticed continually throughout the course that Matt had taken and applied/updated all new information gained over the years so that we are learning the utmost updated information." January 2013


>> "Participants will benefit from your course by learning how to teach. Whether one is instructing first aid, electronics, dancing, astronomy, how to make a canoe from a tree or you name it, you demonstrated very well many effective teaching techniques.
- knowing your subject and having a clear vision of what the students need to learn
- focusing on the core issues
- starting on time and keeping on a schedule that was understood by all from the onset
- asking questions yet not allowing off topic distractions to distract
- handís on repetition of the most important parts
- good handouts, equipment and environment.
- verbally saying it, writing in on the board and demonstrating it
- teaming with fellow students and learning from their experiences and mistakes
- using humor
- making it fun as well as challenging
- telling stories"

-- 6/30/2016 email from Dennis B., Founder of James River Hikers (3,750+ Members!)

>> "Your approach nicely walked that fine line between the fact that this is serious business, and the humor that was occasionally needed to keep the class motivated." March 2008


>> "Matt was full of information, a wonderful presence, easy to be with and extremely helpful / knowledgeable." October 2007


>> "Matt is excellent. Good communicator & has experiences that give depth to his knowledge." November 2008


>> "I like not having powerpoints and having ample time to take notes." January 2013


>> "Excellent instructor ... Very good learning environment ... WFA: don't leave the trail head without it!" April 2008


>> "Matt did a great job addressing questions in preparation for the course, while presenting information, and as follow-up. Highly recommended." July 2008


>> Matt is "very knowledgeable, with obvious extensive training and experience." March 2008


>> "Matt was very competent and engaging." July 2008


>> "Matt is very knowledgeable, very patient, great instructor!" April 2008


>> "Instructor was very knowledgeable, presented clearly, personable." July 2007


>> Matt is "very knowledgeable and gifted in instruction." March 2008


>> "Matt is knowledgeable and competent. Excellent teacher." March 2008


>> "Matt's easy-going nature gains respect of students." March 2008


>> "It's nice to see instructors so enthusiastic about this subject!" March 2008


>> "Matt is a top-notch WFA instructor." July 2007


>> "Ideal person to run the course." July 2008


>> "Matt was awesome -- very thorough, but good-humored & patient." July 2008


>> "Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, personable and accommodating. Matt was excellent and deserves a raise and more vacation days :) " May 2012


>> "You are a great teacher. I really enjoyed the class. Thanks so much." - email from Julie Connelly, M.D., Physician of 28 years at UVa, 1/29/2011


>> SOLO survey:  "What can we do to improve the program?  "Hire more Matts into the program."  April 2013


>> "I want Matt to be the one to save my @$$ in a bad situation!"  November 2014


>> Anonymous survey question: "What did you think of the instructor?"

24 replies from all 24 students (full class) in October 2009 (and hopefully things have only improved with age!)









"Very good."

"He was great."

"He was great!"

"He was great!"

"None could be better."

"Matt is a great teacher."

"Positive, organized, prepared."

"Very enthusiastic regarding material."

"Very knowledgeable & engaging instructor."

"Knowledgeable and friendly. Two thumbs up."

"Matt did a great job, very competent and friendly."

"Very very knowledgeable - brought in stories at the right time. Very friendly."

"Matt was knowledgeable and great working with the group. He was a great instructor giving a lot of depth yet keeping the course on track."

"Matt was very knowledgeable and demonstrated strong teaching ability and experience."

"Awesome job - both in content presentation and just enough worthwhile tangents to stay interesting, but on track."


>> "Thanks very much for all things youíve accomplished and supported:  in training others for life, health&safety, and wellbeing; in wilderness/outdoors appreciation and enjoyment; and for a more whole world."  - Edward Strickler, email 5/13/2013



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 when & where EMS is overwhelmed, and cellphone towers are jammed.


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